ZBA Submission


On May 19, 2020, a Revised Official Plan Amendment, a new Zoning-By-Law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision applications were submitted to the City with revisions and upgrades to the original Master Plan. The submission materials are below for viewing and download. You can also view them on the City’s website.

Accessibility Design Standards Checklist: View Document

Air Quality Impact Assessment: View Document

Application Form: View Document

Arborist Report and Tree Preservation Plan: View Document

Basement Drawings: View Document

Boundary Survey: View Document

Civil Utilities Drawings: View Document

Contaminated Site Assessment: View Document

Cover Letter: View Document

Draft Plan of Subdivision: View Document

Energy Strategy: View Document

Fee Schedule 3.3: View Document

Fee Schedule 6: View Document

Functional Servicing Report: View Document

Geotechnical Study: View Document

Heritage Impact Assessment: View Document

Housing Issues Report: View Document

Hydrological Review: View Document

Land Use Compatibility Study: View Document

Letter to S.Salatino: View Document

Masterplan Drawings: View Document

Natural Heritage Environmental Impact Study: View Document

Noise Vibration Impact Assessment: View Document

Official Plan Amendment: View Document

Pedestrian Wind Assessment: View Document

Planning & Urban Design Rationale: View Document

Pre-Application Checklist: View Document

Project Data Sheet: View Document

Public Consultation Strategy: View Document

Rail Safety and Development Viability Assessment Report: View Document

Shadow Study: View Document 

Stormwater Management Report: View Document

Topographical Survey: View Document

Toronto Green Standards Checklist: View Document

Toronto Green Standards Statistics Template: View Document

Toronto Real Estate Consent: View Document

Urban Design Guidelines: View Document

Urban Transportation Considerations: View Document

Urban Transportation Considerations Appendices: View Document

Zoning By-Law Amendment: View Document

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