We are reimagining Humber Bay Shores. The site at 2150 Lake Shore Blvd. W., formerly known as Mr. Christie, is a 28-acre property that will be redeveloped to create a thriving, connected mixed-use community in South Etobicoke. Our vision is to create a place that considers present and future community needs, including the potential for a new transit hub.


First Capital purchased the 28-acre, former Mr. Christie site at 2150 Lake Shore Blvd. W. in 2016 from Mondelez (previous owner) and inherited an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board around employment use of the site. The former land use permissions, however, were not consistent with First Capital’s aspirations for a mixed-use, transit-oriented community.

First Capital initiated formal engagement with the City of Toronto on planning permissions in January 2017, resulting in a settlement during the summer of 2019 to convert the majority of the site to a Regeneration Area which would allow for a mix of uses, such as retail, residential and employment through the City’s Secondary Plan process. The settlement allowed First Capital to begin the planning process on the vision for a mixed-use development that will unlock the great potential of Humber Bay Shores, bringing new life to the streets and greater connectivity locally and to the Greater Toronto Area.


We are in the early stages of a long-term planning process for the site. There are a number of steps that are anticipated to take place over the next 3-5 years as part of the overall planning process, including a Secondary Plan process led by the City of Toronto.

In support of this process, First Capital has submitted an Official Plan Amendment Application (OPA) to address present and future community needs, including a proposed integrated GO/TTC Transit Hub. Ongoing discussions and engagement with Metrolinx regarding the new Park Lawn GO station will continue over the coming weeks and months.

The place to be
Vibrant spaces & places
Green & open
Active & thriving
A Market Hall for all seasons
Autumn on Park Drive
A new Lake Shore Blvd
Station Square
A Toronto-worthy skyline
Jobs & opportunity
A new heart for Humber Bay Shores
A vibrant destination
Floating gardens


The vision for this 28-acre site is for a complete community and new heart for Humber Bay Shores. The OPA application filed in October 2019 considers vital transit and infrastructure improvements as well as much-needed retail, amenities and services to bring connection and vibrancy to the local community. The proposed preliminary plans include:

  • An integrated Park Lawn GO/TTC station
  • Improved road, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure to mitigate traffic concerns and create greater connectivity
  • 1,000,000 sq. ft. of new retail, restaurants, neighbourhood services, office and commercial opportunities
  • 6 million square feet of residential, offering a range of housing options
  • Over 25% of the site dedicated to parks and open spaces
  • A Market Hall and covered retail Galleria – a primary gathering space connecting people to places
  • Up to 3,500 new jobs, creating new opportunities for residents to work closer to home


In February 2018, First Capital hosted Idea Fair #1 to gather feedback from the community and better understand our neighbours. This was a key step in initiating conversation with local community members on what types of amenities, retail, restaurants and connections would meet their needs now and in the future. Idea Fair #2 was hosted on November 21, 2018, where Allies and Morrison was introduced and the community had another opportunity to brainstorm and share ideas.

Feedback gathered through these sessions allowed for First Capital to better understand the needs of the community and develop a proposed plan for the OPA application submitted in October 2019.

The City of Toronto will be leading community engagement throughout the Secondary Plan process, and in relation to the OPA application, with many opportunities for the community to provide feedback around the future of the site.


As part of our vision, we have initiated conversations with the City and Metrolinx around the addition of a Park Lawn GO Station, including our support of the project. Our transportation consultants have begun preliminary work on a potential transit hub for the site and will continue conversations throughout the process.


Internationally renowned Master Plan Architectural firm, Allies and Morrison, joined the Project Team in 2018 to lead the design of the 2150 Lake Shore Master Plan. Over the last year, Allies and Morrison have met with our team to understand the property, its neighbours and connections as part of their work on this site with us, the City and local community.


The next City-led community consultation meeting is planned for 2020. Visit the City’s website for more information.

Missed the City of Toronto’s community consultation meeting on Nov 12th?


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