A Revised Master Plan: Our Latest Submission

A Revised Master Plan: Our Latest Submission


The vision for 2150 Lake Shore is a vibrant, mixed-use and transit-oriented redevelopment.

The Master Plan, submitted as part of our Official Plan Amendment (OPA) Application in October of 2019, proposed a new Park Lawn GO Station, related TTC transit improvements, a network of new streets and connections, a range of new open spaces including a new public park, and a diverse mix of residential, retail, service, entertainment and employment uses.

On May 19, 2020, a Revised Official Plan Amendment, a new Zoning-By-Law Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision applications were submitted to the City with revisions and upgrades to the original Master Plan. Highlights of key changes include:

  1. A larger park, which is now twice as large as the original park plan;
  2. The potential for two elementary schools. TDSB and TCDSB have expressed interest in incorporating new elementary schools into the master plan;
  3. More office space, bringing employment uses into the heart of the site;
  4. A better pedestrian experience along Park Lawn and Lake Shore with a new pedestrian-scaled streetwall;
  5. Extending Station Square to Park Lawn: improvements have been made to enhance pedestrian connectivity to the GO station and to accommodate bus activity along Park Lawn Road so your transit experience is even better than before.

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