A New Heart for Humber Bay Shores: The Galleria

A New Heart for Humber Bay Shores: The Galleria

Creating a complete community with new retail, services and everyday experiences

Humber Bay Shores has undergone significant growth over the last decade, which comes as no surprise with its prime waterfront location and proximity to downtown. However, many residents have expressed in prior public consultation meetings that there is a general gap in the variety of shops, dining and community amenities available nearby, specifically:

  • Resources like libraries, community centres, schools, and day care facilities especially as the demographics expand to include more families with children;
  • A greater variety of retail that includes shops, restaurants, markets, entertainment hubs, grocery stores, pharmacies, gyms and other amenities and;
  • Arts and cultural activities to animate the public realm.

Driven by community feedback and ideas, the proposed plans for 2150 Lake Shore Blvd. W. are built upon the notion of creating a “complete community”, delivering a mix of uses that support day-to-day needs as well as weekend fun and activity, anchored by a central gathering space we are calling ‘The Galleria’.

This covered pedestrian walkway will act as a four-season community hub, which will house shops, restaurants, cafes, community services, local amenities, entertainment and more, delivering new experiences for existing and future residents of this neighbourhood. The Galleria will be developed as part of the planned 1,000,000 sq. ft. of retail and commercial space, and will become the ‘New Heart’ of Humber Bay Shores:

  • Head to the food market and pick up some local cheeses
  • Stop for a coffee and a croissant at a cozy cafe
  • Shop your favourites at a local boutique
  • Stroll down to one of the public squares to hear live music or walk an art fair

This new mixed-use community will bring amenities to your doorstep and create a complete community.

What is a complete community?

View of developed the Galleria from the outside. Mixed use buildings can be seen surrounding the community hub.

Designing and building a complete community not only considers the services and amenities that are required for day-to-day life, but also factors in the natural desire for residents to:

  • Discover new experiences;
  • Feel safe and have access to important resources;
  • Learn and influence those in the community, and;
  • Create activity and vibrancy on the streets of the neighbourhood.

By creating new local retail opportunities and building in important civic services, The Galleria and the surrounding retail environment will ensure residents and visitors have a variety of options, and that the experience is personalized, tailored to needs, speaks to the community’s interests and supports a mix of uses. This will also bring vibrant life to the neighbourhood streetscape, open up future employment opportunities, and support a shared sense of community.

Public engagement is a key part of our planning process. To learn how we’re staying connected with the community visit our Community Engagement page to view key reports, feedback, and our photo gallery.

The proposed plans for 2150 Lake Shore Blvd. W. will continue to evolve and grow as we work with the City of Toronto and the local community to address the needs of a rapidly developing area.

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