New Opportunities to Live and Work Locally: Office & Employment

New Opportunities to Live and Work Locally: Office & Employment

Three unique office blocks create an innovative campus delivering jobs to HBS

We heard from the Humber Bay Shores community about the desire to see economic growth locally, and that collaboration is needed from all of us involved to ensure this neighbourhood is prepared for the future. As part of any Master Planning process, we must consider:

  • How will we move?
  • How will we live?
  • And how will we work?

When the Mr. Christie Cookie factory closed in 2013, local officials, residents and the greater community lamented the loss of hundreds of jobs. A notable landmark, the iconic water tower could be seen from south Etobicoke’s waterfront – the smell of freshly baked goods travelling down Lake Shore Boulevard and across the neighbourhood. The Mr. Christie’s site produced their famous cookies for over 60 years; to see a once-bustling plant close was upsetting for many in the neighbourhood, especially its employees.

Investing in the Future of Humber Bay Shores

When the lands went up for sale, we saw an opportunity to create something incredible for the neighbourhood. In 2016, we purchased the 28-acre site; as part of the process, we appealed to convert the area from employment to allow for a mix of uses. A settlement was reached between First Capital and the City of Toronto, allowing for thousands of jobs to be created as well as the opportunity to build a mixed-use community.

Creating and maintaining economic sustainability as well as bringing job diversity to the Humber Bay Shores community is a key component of the Master Plan for 2150 Lake Shore, and includes:

  • Dedicated space for offices in a variety of building types;
  • New opportunities for tech companies and large anchors to drive economic development for the area;
  • New jobs for residents, many of which will be able to work closer to home;
  • Strategic positioning of offices near the Gardiner Expressway and a proposed new Park Lawn GO station to allow for improved commuter access and to mitigate impact on local traffic.

2150 Lake Shore autumn

What is key in developing a complete community is providing local businesses the opportunity to thrive – this means bringing people to restaurants and storefronts not just on the weekend, but during the week, too. Daily activity requires people to be working, living, and shopping in the area, such as:

  • Grabbing a morning coffee en route to the office;
  • Dining out with coworkers;
  • Hosting client lunches;
  • Heading to the gym or picking up dry cleaning;
  • Shopping for a last-minute gift; or
  • Unwinding at happy hour.

A variety of amenities and services anchored by employment and residential will provide the necessary amount of people to keep local businesses flourishing as well as stimulate economic growth for the neighbourhood. It’s something we are taking very seriously as we move to grow and develop 2150 Lake Shore for its residents and visitors of today, as well as those who will access it in the future.

Want to read more about the potential employment opportunities proposed for 2150 Lake Shore? Read First Capital’s Economic Development Strategy.

The proposed plans for 2150 Lake Shore will continue to evolve and grow as we work with the City of Toronto and the local community to address the needs of a rapidly developing area.

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